Malala Yosufzai: Symbol of Peace

A 2009 documentary by New York Times' Adam B. Ellick profiled Malala Yousafzai:

UPDATE: According to BBC, doctors say they have removed a bullet from Malala Yousufzai, 14-year-old girl who was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen in the Swat Valley. She is now in stable conditions. Gunmen attacked Yousafzai in day light on October 9, and also injured two other girls as they left school for home. Tehrek-e-Taliban Pakistan accepted responsibility of attacking her and a spokesperson told media that she was responsible for anti-Taliban propaganda.

Malala reached to fame when she started writing a diary for BBC Urdu service about Taliban crackdown on girls' education.

Also read Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Malala Youfzai Profile here

A Sense of humor about Afghanistan? Mojadidi shows how

Afghan-American artist Aman Mojadidi calls himself “Afghan by blood, redneck by the grace of god.” Playing off his two identities, the TED Fellow's bold, funny, thought-provoking artwork explores jihad, gangsterism, consumers and corruption in modern Afghanistan.
Aman Mojadidi makes bold art from his two identities -- as an American and an Afghan.


Aman Mojadidi Biography
Aman Mojadidi, a self-described “Afghan by blood and redneck by the grace of God,” arrived in Afghanistan “as a 19-year-old vegetarian surfer from Jacksonville, Florida.” Growing up in the American south, he has now lived in Kabul for the last nine years, making artwork that explores what he calls “the geography of self” – including photos featuring himself as characters exploding cultural taboos (“a day in the life of a jihadi gangster”), and films of himself stopping cars at checkpoints and, instead of accepting a bribe, offering money. His work explores the nature of identity while challenging stereotypes, exposing hypocrisy, reinterpreting reality – even though his work may be dangerous or misunderstood. “I do it because the geography of self mandates it. That’s my burden. What’s yours?”

Documentary : Love Crimes of Kabul

Love Crimes of Kabul is an HBO documentary film following some cases of inmates at Badam Bagh women's prison in Kabul where most of the women are jailed for moral crimes.

Movie on Karzai!? Karzai: I'd be honored if Kingsley play me onscreen

Afghan President Hamid Karzai says he will be honored if actor Ben Kingsley to play him onscreen.
“Do you ever think about a movie starring Ben Kingsley as Hamid Karzai?” In a rapid fire round of questions, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Karzai in an interview on Monday.
“Ben Kingsley, the person who played Gandhi [18982]? He is a great actor, and I would be very happy and honored if he took that role," Karzai replied.

Here is the clip:

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