Propaganda and Public Relations

When I told one of my friends that I consider making career in Public Relations, he immediately said, “You mean career in propaganda! That’s cool man. Good luck!”

I do not blame him for his conclusion, because getting advantage of today’s cutting-edge technology; many companies are just putting a positive face on their products. That is propaganda or Yellow PR. Many people do not understand the difference between public relations and propaganda. There are many reasons which make it complicated to distinguish between mentioned two.

As propaganda share techniques with public relations, one could easily think it as PR. Or, public relations can be thought of as propaganda that advertize and publicize a product or slant an organization, person or brand. Propaganda is based on lies and fake assumptions. Marry Aronson, Don Spetner, and Carol Ames, co- authors of The Public Relations Writer’s Handbook, believe that a PR officer should never exaggerate things and lie about their products. If they do so, the company would lose media’s trust, and news agencies will hesitate to cover their press conferences and product launches.

Here are a couple of videos that shows how propaganda became known as PR.


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