American Forces Increases Their Enemies in Afghanistan!

By bombing civilians, US forces increase their enemies in Afghanistan. Local residents express their concerns and consider Soviet Union "kinder" than US. Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and killed millions of Afghans from 1979 to 1988.

Here are some interesting points revealed in this video. For instance, US forces were allowed to kill 30 civilians for killing one high profile target. According to one former official (in video), they killed couple of hundreds civilians but not a single "bad guy" was killed.

This video shows only one of the examples. According to human rights groups and news media outlets 3,485 Afghan civilians have been killed and 6,273 have been seriously injured since American invasion of Afghanistan.

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  1. Wars never bring comfort, dear! I hope your country rest in peace...

  2. I feel bad for the cute kid! He is so lovely!...

    We should stop our soldiers doing all this stuff. It is so cruel! Sometimes, I do not tell people I am from US abroad.