Afghan Presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai challenged Hamid Karzai to a series of debates on Tuesday. His press office released this statement upon news that Karzai has agreed to participate in debates. It's not clear yet wether all 41 candidates will participate in the debates.

“Afghans gave Karzai five years to prove himself as the right leader for Afghanistan. Instead of following a path of reform, he indulged corruption and traded government resources as favors to his political allies. As a result, Afghans today have fewer economic opportunities, fewer education opportunities and less security than they deserve or this country is capable of delivering. I welcome these debates to make it clear to Afghan voters that reform is possible. As Finance Minister I had experience increasing national revenues and delivering results to the public. I will use the debate to contrast Karzai’s failed leadership and lack of ideas against my specific plans to create 1 million new jobs in five years, build one million new homes that are decent places to raise families, and bring justice back to Afghanistan,” said Ashraf Ghani.

Since the election period began on June 17, Ashraf Ghani has challenged Karzai to live debates on five critical issues: Security, Law and Order; Good Governance; Jobs and Sustainable Economic Development; Education, Health and Assistance to Vulnerable Groups; and National Unity and International Partnership.
Ashraf Ghani has urged that these debates be broadcasted on television and radio to enable as many voters as possible to watch or hear the debates.

About Ashraf Ghani

Between October 2001 and June 2002, Ashraf Ghani served as Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General's Special Representative for Afghanistan, Chief Advisor to the Chairman Karzai and Executive Director of the Afghan Assistance Coordination Authority. From June 2002 to December 2004 he served as the Finance Minister of the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan. He implemented a wide-ranging series of monetary and fiscal reforms, earning the Asia's Best Finance Minister of the Year Award in 2003. Since leaving public office Ghani served as Chancellor for Kabul University and co-founded the non-profit Institute for State Effectiveness. To learn more visit

Here is Ghani's interview with CNN


  1. i can't wait to watch the debate b/w Karzai and Ghani. Please kindly keep us updated on when this debate will take place and if you could load the videos on your block.

    Thank you as always.

    Pu Mina.. your reader

  2. Gwash Sab,

    Good article, I appreciate your hard work in such a busy time of your life where you are busy with your school work and studies. Your work (bloging) is important in spreading awareness among not only Afghans but all those who are involed or interested in Afghanistan.

    We are waiting to hear this debate and see how Karzai could defend his failed policies of a failed govt. I am so surprised that besides being detested among Afghans, he still claims leadership of the country and runs for election. One thing that is clear to me and to all Afghan is that we need some one who could lead the coutry to peace and stability and that is not him. If there is no fraud in the election and is conducted free and fair, he will lose.

    People who think that their votes are not important and are not counted, are influenced by the progapagnda of the present govt. no one could ignore the will and power of people which is reflected in the form of the votes. So vote and that will lead us to success.


  3. That will be more exciting and very interesting for all the nation and international community. Great start.