Back On The Track

Hi there,

Finally, I am back. I will be writing again about "Afghanistan and the players out there". Hope you will join me in discussion.

Meanwhile please e-mail me or leave your feedback about the design and graphics of AfghanCorner in comment section.

Write what you would like to see most in here. What topics are you more interested in?



  1. Great blog!!
    If you like, come back and visit mine:

    Pablo from Argentina

  2. Salam dear Bashir,
    I found it very interesting! Fabulous design! looking forward for it.

  3. HI there, i have been reading your blog, it looks great, but just a suggestion, you don't have the option for people to vote for your blog, the comments section is not visible for people who are not familiar with blog and does not have the section to invite people to be your friends on your blog, i mean to say blog gives you an option to add followers, which would mean friends who get interest to read and update themselves with your blog.

    I still like your blog and you have done a great job. i will share it with my friends around the world and please do the same for mine. thank you and good luck

  4. sorry forgot to say my blog is ( good luck!

  5. Hi,

    I'm happy to see that you have posted one of my articles on your blog and I hope that you will find future ones worth putting up. Could you accompany them with a link to the relevant article and/or our website? Radio France Internationale in English?
    Here is the dossier of my articles on Afghanistan:
    Tony Cross

  6. Brothers . . .

    Too many blogs and news sites about Afghanistan is creating confusion. When site creators lose interest and don't update their creation for whatever reasons, we all miss out. We as people who wish to promote Afghanistan, must find a solitary location to communicate from and together we can forge a new life and brotherhood from which our wants and hopes will evolve and become fulfilled.

    We may be of Afghanistan or not, however together we must create some beneficial communication to be proud of and so to be remembered. God willing - As one resounding voice we shall prosper .

    - The Phantom Writer -