Funniest Tweets About Hina Rabbani Khar's India visit

HE SAID SHE SAID: Newly appointed Pakistan't first female foreign minister, Hina Rabbani Khar, visited India. Tweeter users have some fun things to tweet about her visit. Here are some of the best.
stolidimran: "Pak bomb lands in India” - Indian Newspaper headline

arjunsankalia: Im saying we swap Kasab for #HRK. I don't mind if my taxes feed her biryani.

chitraraj: To have a pretty face around in the office is quite a motivating factor workwise, me thinks. Hope Pakistan will benefit by it.

twitballiye: Looks like a foreign bird is in. People have left playing angry birds. Peace is possible. Hare Krishna #HRK
johncharlesblog: For once, we don't mind the bomb coming in from across the border.

sameepbuch Sameep Buch: Mom made a great statement regarding #hinarabbanikhar: she looks a perfect 'honey trap' spy!!!

Hanzala_Ali: Abi tou enhu ne hamari Megan Fox (Kashmala Tariq) nahin dekhi :P #HRK tou sirf trailer hai :p
(Translation: They haven't seen our Megan Fox (Kashmala Tariq). Hina Rabbani Khar is just a trailer.) 

MTVIndia: First they sent bombs, now they send bombshells. Wonder whats deadlier? 

HamzaBalouch: she must try in bollywood for the sake of indian public.....what is she doing in politics. 
iShWaJ: #hinarabbanikhar should be offered an item song in upcoming bollywood movie. She'll forget politics... :D 
RathiRahul86: With a masculine voice like that,she could try her hand at the radio.If Pakistan has radio
 mehtakeyur: Only one way 2 counter #HinaRabbaniKhar .. Appoint #EmraanHashmi as India's foreign minister 
bluedee: Pak is now targeting india with item bombs!  
mehtakeyur: Breaking news: Pak attacks India wid one of their nuke bom 
padmakark: If anyone writes Pakistan's developments in recent decades,it would be titled : "From Bombs to Bombshell
ShwetaBajaj: #HinaRabbaniKhar is the perfect Pak foreign minister to keep the attention away from the talks 
frenchpaari: #hinarabbanikhar is cute but she has a voice of amrish puri. woman, you look better when you are silent.  
iDesiGuy: #hinarabbanikhar beautiful girl but her voice is like great khaali
Aarushi: #hinarabbanikhar has a masculine voice...i doubt gender change stuffs! 
MainLukkhaHun: [To Pakistanies] guys have your own raakhi sawant voice double 
AcademicHelp: With that hoarse horse like voice #Hinarabbanikhar is perhaps the most "turn it off" woman around. 
Loading_PlzWait: #HinaRabbaniKhar looks gorgeous as long as she doesn't open her mouth.She's got the voice of Om Puri and what kinda diction is that?! 
gauravcsawant: "Khar" means donkey in Sanskrit and #Hinarabbanikhar surely honks like one. RT: Her voice is thicker than Krishna's"!
And as a bonus, watch 4 Man Show's spoof of Hina Rabbani Khar.


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  2. She wouldnt(and perhaps shouldnt) be taken seriously as a foreign minister but then who takes zardari seriously! Btw whats the point in having a foreign minister when zardari seems to be in china/london and paris every few months!