Afghan Cabinet Minister, Zarar Ahmed Muqbel, Exposed! (PICTURES)

Afghanistan embassy in Oslo, Norway has done something unusual on their website. Introducing Afghan cabinet ministers, the website calls Zarar Ahmed Moqbel, Minister of Counter Narcotics, "His Excellency", "incompetent" and "Corrupt" in the same biographic article

The website adds "Engineer" to his name but at the same time notes: "it is not proofed that he is a graduate from Kabul Polytechnic University." :) The shocking piece states that during his brief tenure as Minister of Interior, "the ministry was infamous for selling senior police positions. Provincial police chiefs would then make a return on their investments by extorting bribes from civilians and protecting narcotics and kidnap gangs." "A former Shura-ye Nazar commander, Moqbel has turned into a Karzai loyalist. But he is still close to Vice President Muhammad Qasem Fahim," it adds.
 It seems a deliberate move by an employee of Afghanistan's embassy in Norway because out of 25 cabinet ministers, Zarar Ahmad Moqbel is the only one whose biography appears on the website. The rest only have pictures under their name. 

UPDATE: Revealed and mocked by some Afghan Facebook users, the Embassy of Afghanistan in Norway's website immediately omitted the  text from the page. It currently only shows Mr. Zarar Ahmed Muqbel's picture. However, I was able to capture some screen shots of his biography. Click to enlarge them.
SCREEN SHOT: Afghan embassy calls Zarar Moqbal "corrupt" and "incompetent"

And here is a full screen shot (but without embassy's banner) of Zarar Ahmad Moqbil, Minister of Counter Narcotic, biography on website of Embassy of Afghanistan in Oslo-Norway.


  1. Bashir, the poor webmaster will lose the job! LOL :)

  2. Afghan Gov is just a joke!