Extract from Afghan-US Strategic Pact

Representing all Afghanistan, a traditional grand council (Loya Jarga) will gather on Wednesday (November 16, 2011) to discuss the strategic pact between Afghanistan and the United States. AfghanCorner has obtained a copy of the unapproved draft of the pact. Here are some important points. 
  • Any kind of foreign aggression and threat to Afghanistan will be responded with accordance to both countries constitutions.
  • Provincial reconstruction teams (PRT) will be dissolved with the agreement of Afghanistan and the US and in the right time. 
  • Security companies could continue their activities but under strict control of Afghan government. 
  • US will be allowed to take their own measurements for protecting its personnel and officials in Afghanistan.
  • Both countries shall exchange information on issues to fight against common threats, including international terrorism, drug trafficking, organized crime and money laundering.
  • US will hand over the authority of prisons to Afghanistan if they are seemed capable of running it lawfully.
  • US will not use Afghanistan as a launching pad to attack other countries unless according to international laws.
  • US is not looking to stay permanently in Afghanistan that could threaten Afghanistan's neighbors.
  • Afghanistan will seek US cooperation for logistic support in war on terror.
  • Afghanistan invite US troops to continue to tackle drug trafficking with supportive operations.
  • Afghanistan pledges to amend election laws to avoid any fraud and to pave way to a better democratic Afghanistan.
  • Afghanistan, with the help of US on global stage, will seek better relations with neighbors including Pakistan. 
  • US will continue to encourage investors to invest in Afghanistan-a country that bridges South Asia and Central Asia.  US will seek international support for the betterment of Afghanistan's economy especially transit, transport and energy sectors.
  • Afghanistan will continue to get US funds. However, Afghanistan should improve its tax system and crack down corruption. 
  • US pledges its full support for education in Afghanistan.
  • A commission headed by the foreign ministers of both countries will be established to look after the implementation and observation of this pact.

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