Children for sale in Afghanistan (documentary)

From Journeyman Pictures: "Children for sale, the Talibans parallel government and a booming kidnap business: this exclusive report uncovers the state of anarchy and lawlessness prevailing across the country today.

In a refugee camp in the North of Afghanistan, a father sells his son to survive. Say your goodbyes now, its time to go, says a wealthy woman from Kabul, handing over $1,500. I sold a piece of my heart to stop my four other children dying, sobs the father. People are going to Iran and Pakistan, or joining the Taliban, because theyre poor and dont have a future, says one impoverished farmer. And where theres poverty, the Taliban are never far away. Im serving my people" Mulla Meshe, a Taliban commander says; "in the name of God.

The government is not helping, A mile-long queue of people wait outside his office near the refugee camp and a few feet away another Taliban official takes payment for electricity stolen from the government. In Kabul, lawlessness takes a different form. He said when we cut off your finger and send it to your family, well find your money" remembers Homuna Sefe, showing us the well he was held hostage in for 3 weeks. We are not dealing with poor people, says Matim Khan, parading an Afghan teenager hes holding hostage. Well take his eyes out, or sell him to the Taliban. Criminal gangs are united with the Taliban and ordinary Afghans have lost all faith in a government, which sees them struggling to survive."

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