The Future of PR

I came across this very interesting and valuable video. It talks about search engines, future of PR, usage of digital media in this field, and its influences on society. For some odd reasons, the video can't be embed, and that means you won't be able to watch it right here on the spot. So, click on the link below, watch this extremely useful video on YouTube, and come back for feedback.


  1. I watched the video, and it seems intersting how the digital media is replacing the social.

  2. This could be true, but I think the thir world countries are still running their PR firms through social and cultural channels.

    I think it will take a whiel for them to adapt with cutting-edge technology or stop the way they do their daily and official chores.

  3. Dia, you are right...however, I think the "3rd world countries" need to adopt the recent media developments otherwise they won't be able to suceed or stay behind in the digital race.

    Digital media has made the job easier and I think every one would love to do his job fast and accurate.