Breaking the Ice

Ok! I am done with academic topics. Let's change the focus on Afghanistan, and the players out there. As much to I am beginning about the war torn country with this brilliant song, sung by Irfan Khan. It is Pushtu/English song about the war.


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  1. Bashir, like your idea of swinging the focus. What a way to start the 'new' blog, with a song! It was the 1st time, I heard a Pushtu music...the music was pleasing and the lyrics (i can say from English translation) was great...

    NO TO WAR...

    Glad to see the new face of your page. A+ for your great design and use of colors.

  2. Sallamooona Gwach saab,

    Great job and good effort!
    Will be reading your post and writings here...

    Khudai de wobakhsha! :)

    Bariaa de ghwaram,